Have you heard the old adage, “Work smarter, not harder”, this really applies if you have chosen to use article marketing as a form to drive traffic to your website.

There is one gigantic article marketing service called Ezine articles that is without a doubt the best way to bring traffic to your own site or an affiliate site.

Basically what happens is that you submit an article that is well written and full of unique content to Ezine Articles and with the power of their relationship with google, you increase your traffic.

The problem then is you need to also submit this article to other places that will drive more traffic to your site. It would be almost impossible to manually submit your articles especially if you want to be a prolific writer submitting up into the thousands of articles.

Most writers that use article marketing to increase traffic to their sites, will write 2-5 articles every week to different article submission sites. Now that does not sound to bad but if you have 10-20-50 sites then you can see where that could take over your life.

If you are doing it manually or using an article submitter, the basic steps do not change.

  • First you must pick a article base to join.
  • Register by filling out an online form
  • Use a good email because they will send a confirmation
  • Click the confirmation link and you are now registered

Pretty simple right?  Now just go to the article site sign in with your log in information of name and password. You can now add a pen name to write under or use your own name and start submitting.

Article submitter sites and article submitting software programs are out there available for you to use. There are different qualities, features, usability and cost and you need to do your homework to get the right one.

Some will cause nothing but grief for a variety of reasons, the biggest being that it might end up sending your articles in a spammy way and thus get you banned from the sites you want to be part of.

Some Article Submitters and software

  • Article Wizard
  • Article Demon
  • Article Marketing Robot
  • Article Submitter
  • Submit Eaze
  • My Article Submitter
  • Article Submitter Gold
  • Article Money
  • My Pro Article

Most will offer a free download for a trial use with a limit on how many articles or how many days you can use it. They do this so you will see if the program works for you.

If you are writing articles and submitting them manually, then it is probably time to invest a little money and find an article submission service or software that will work for you. Your quality articles submitted to hundreds of sites is the key to being successful. It will save you a massive amount of time and in the end time is money.

If you are not using an article submitter, you may very well be spending more than you are making. Quality articles quickly submitted to hundreds of submit sites is the key to being successful. There is a way to accomplish this. Yes, You need an article submitter

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