Seems that Brian Johnson and Aidan Booth have teamed up to bring out a new program, aptly named, “Rank and Pillage.”

I know that it will be a good program to get involved with. It is a high end totally complete program. You will need nothing else after you buy this.

Who are Brian Johnson and Aidan Booth?

Most people that have been online for any length of time will have heard of Brian Johnson. He is the creator of courses such as SEO Press Formula, Commission Ritual, Auto Content Cash, Halloween Super Affiliate, and 300 Internet Marketers. Aidan Booth on the other hand could be a new name to you, but Brian teamed up with him after seeing some good things he was doing.

Each new product that Brian Johnson puts out just seems to get better and better and this one is no exception. If you really want to stop chasing shiny things and learn what it takes and how to make money online then this is the be all end all program for you.

Rank and Pillage is the most comprehensive, hold your hand training package online. They give you step by step directions through a 250 page blueprint, 100+ over the shoulder videos tutorials, private forums, case studies, proven techniques and to top it off you can get a 90 day coaching program that fast tracks you along.

Both Brian and Aidan do exactly what they teach. That is how they make their money and I am talking about a lot of money, day in and day out for years. So you can trust that these are tried and true methods.

Besides the manuals and videos you will get Rank and Pillages 2 WordPress themes designed only for this program.

The following is a list of the eight modules and what is in each one.

This program is put into 8 modules, each explained fully so you can confidentially move on to the next one.

Module 1: Introduction to Rank and Pillage – This is a complete overview of the whole program and course. It describes in detail what it is you need to move forward to making money online.

Module 2: Traffic Battle Plan – This is the traffic module and takes you through how many, how much and what kind of traffic you need to make money from your website.

Module 3: SEO Siege – SEO importance and how to achieve Google ranking. Teaches great insight and new ideas that you may have never heard of before.

Module 4: The Pillage Blueprints – This seems to be the core, the step by step complete walk from having nothing to having a complete money making website. It delves into Clickbank, Adsense, Amazon and Commission Junction. Teaches about making money with emailing practices and product launches and so much more.

Module 5: Fortress Foundation Brick by Brick – This module is all about the website settings. Learn what needs to change on WP to make your site a rank and pillage site.

Module 6: Link Catapult Formulas – Link Building is a vital concept and it is taught well right here in the module. This will teach you how to set up and use a link building marketing plan.

Module 7: King of Your Empire – You built your website and now it is time to profit and take it to the next level. The dance is done but the marathon lingers on. Dominant and profit from your niche is what this module is about.

Module 8: Outsourcing Crusade – Learn how to outsource in plain and simple terms. Not just general terms like “contact the Philippines” but detailed places you can use for outsourcing and how to go about getting your moneys worth.

I have chased rainbows for years and I really believe that the pot of gold that we all seek when we come online is right at the end of this Rank and Pillage Program. My recommendation? BUY IT