Make money online is such a huge topic and you could spends years and years learning how other people make money online. We however are going to be talking about two things

How to make money online with your own website selling your own products.

How to make money online selling other peoples products, known as affiliate marketing.

Those two things may seem pretty straight forward and they are, it is just a lot of things you need to succeed in each one.

Some samples and ideas of what you need to learn or pay for if you want to start up your own website or blog

  • What is the subject (online this is known as niche) that you would like to talk about?
  • How do you do keyword research so you can find words that will bring people to your site that they are typing in the search engines.
  • How much competition is in your topic?
  • You need to come up with a domain name.  They are not as easy to find anymore so you may have to spend some time on it.
  • You have to chose a domain registrar to purchase that domain name
  • You have to host that domain name at a hosting site that will allow you to actually put up the website.
  • You have to put up the website. Find a theme or template and all that goes with making it nice looking and easy to navigate.
  • You have to write content for that site.
  • You have to learn to market that site
  • You have to learn to get traffic to that site.
  • You have to learn to build a list, which means you have to purchase an autoresponder that will help you to build that list and keep in  touch with the people on it.
  • You need to make a fantastic product or products to sell

Those are just the obvious things to do, there are so many hidden things that can help you along the way.

Its amazing when you think about what those two sentences contain. Am sure if you have been online any amount of time you will have felt overwhelmed with the amount of information out there to learn. But like anything else you do, you simply need to take the first step and go on from there.

I am no expert, I am no guru, I am a woman that has searched for ways to make money online and I want only to share you with you, what I do, what I use and how I make money online.

The piece of advice that you here being touted around the internet is find someone that is making money and copy them. Well not word for word, but their tactics and such.

I found that person and now I am focused and doing what needs to be done without jumping from that one shiny object to the next. It is so easy to keep buying things online that will make you money. But there is nothing out there that truly will make you money until you learn the foundations and that simply takes time and work.

Lets talk real briefly about affiliate marketing. This is when you play the middle man and sell a product that some else has created and is trying to sell. Think of it sort of like being a salesman and working on commission.

So basically affiliate marketing is an agreement between you the affiliate and an online merchant like Amazon or Best Buy. You bring people to the merchant, they buy and you get a commission. There are different levels inside this plan. For instance some merchants will pay if you simply bring a person to their sales force, that is called generating a lead.

We have all at one time or another received emails asking us to get a credit card. If we as the affiliate that sent that email out gets that person to go the credit card company and fill in an application will receive $5-$20, now if they sign up and are approved you can make up to $50.

There are thousands and thousands of merchants wanting you to sign up with them and become their affiliate and to sell their products. You job is to find one that will be beneficial to you.

This really is not something new. Affiliate marketing has driven forward since the 1990′s and can only get bigger and stronger with time.

Some good things about affiliate programs

  • You do not have to create a product
  • You do not have to have inventory
  • You do not have to process any orders
  • You do not have to worry about being paid
  • You do not need a merchant account
  • You do not have to handle or ship the product
  • You do not even have to have a website of your own
  • You do not ever have to talk to the customer
  • They cost nothing to join
  • You can work your business
  • You can work part time

There are affiliate networks that you can join that have a bunch of merchants and you join the merchant programs through them which make it easier. Some common well known ones are: Commission Junction, Linkshare, Google Affiliate Network and Clickbank.

There are a lot of companies that want you to be an affiliate for them. Here are just a few of the bigger ones.

  •     Dell
  •     Dollar Rent-a-Car
  •     eBay
  •     Gap
  •     New York Times
  •     NBC
  •     Old Navy
  •     Payless Shoes
  •     Pet Smart
  •     SONY
  •     Staples
  •     Time Life
  •     USA Today
  •     Weight Watchers

On this site you will find many articles on affiliate marketing, authority site creation and so much more, so check back often.