Most people are afraid to write, and more afraid to write something that a lot of people might read. Learn to write a top list, type of article and you will find that people enjoy reading them.

If you have never written an article for a blog or website then this is probably the easiest one to start with.

First you need to chose a topic that you want to write about. Research that topic with google keyword tool. The phrase you want to use as your keyword phrase will be the one that people type into a search engine like Google to find your article. Using the tool you should choose a topic that has 3000 searches a month at least.

Always run through your mind the question of, “what would I type in to find this article.”

The following list is ideas of Wording for writing a list article.
Top ten reasons

  • Top five answers
  • Top ten ways to “do something”
  • 10 simple ideas for
  • 3 new techniques for
  • Ten secrets to

So for example purposes let us say you have a blog and you want to write about getting traffic to it. You choose the keyword phrase of, “get blog traffic”

Follow these six steps.
1. Vitally important to write a good grabbing title. Curiosity is a good thing to arouse in someone reading.

Example titles

  • Ten easy ways to get traffic to your blog
  • Ten Secret steps to get traffic to your blog
  • Ten Little known ways to get traffic to your blog
  • Drive traffic to your blog using ten easy steps

2. Write the introduction in one to two sentences that describe to the reader what they will learn from this article. A good way to begin is with a question.
“Do you have trouble getting people to come and read your blog? If so then then follow along as you learn ten of the best ones here.”

3. Make sure to use your keyword phrase once or twice as you sell to your reader what you want them to know: “You are only a few short steps away from getting traffic to your blog.”

4. This is where you create white space with a numbered or bulleted list and a sentence of explanation

Write Articles and submit to article directories – Article Marketing is the best, easiest and free way to get people to your blog…They simply follow the link in your resource box.
Free ads – Go to…
Exchange links – Find high traffic blogs and link with them

5. Write the conclusion – Short and concise paragraph making sure to use your keyword phrase again:
In order to get traffic to your blog you need to use more than one technique. Some ways are easier than others, just find one that you will like.

6. Bio Box, Author Box, Resource Box – This is where you will put a link to a page on your blog that you want people to go to. This is not the place to talk about yourself but is a place to share why they should read your stuff: Learn more ways to get traffic to your blog by visiting…

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