split your postsHave you ever gone to a website that you picked from Google and it takes forever to load? Then when it finally loads it just seems to go on and on?  People tend to enjoy to read in small blocks of information.

What this means to you is that if your post is too long, then you need to shorten it, split it into different posts or do something called paginate.

If you are using WordPress blog platform then you like millions of others has chosen the best platform around and they have, though it is little known, a way to send parts of your long posts to the next page and at the bottom it lists page numbers for the person to click on.

The reason this bit of information is not readily talked about especially by WordPress, is that originally WordPress was created for blogging, which are normally short, easy to load posts.

Whatever way you decide to split up your post, there are options and for this one it is really simple.

  • Go to Your admin panel of the WordPress site you are using
  • Go to a post that is written or write up a new post and where it says visual/html
  • Choose the html.
  • Wherever you want your post to be split and moved to the next page put the following short code in.

Short code: Place the following code where you want the page breaks to be. You post the whole article on one post or page then use the break short code.

To get a real time example of this pagination in action, check out this. Look in the right bottom just below recent posts and there will be numbers from 1-5 those are the pages wp created to break up the length of the article.

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