You have just written a great article. You took time and planned it well, but how do you get people to find it and reach your goal as a writer of getting them to read it?

There are many ways to write an article. Here we discuss the ease of writing an article as a list. Everyone loves lists. Top ten, Do these, Make these and you capture their attention.

If you are not exposing your focused group of people to what you have to say or sell repeatedly then you are not making the contact that you need. Learn that the money is in the follow up.

split your posts

Sometimes we as authors simply write our posts too long in length and they need to either be made into more posts or have different pages. WordPress has a built in tool for using a shortcut code to break your long message up.

When you are writing copy for someone you need to collect the information you will need to write. This entails research and the primary research should be asking the included 22 questions.

Article Marketing Tutorial For Newbies


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Article Marketing: Set Your Backlinks On Fire!

Tutorial for using a simple Inter-Linking Strategy with your Article Marketing to create stronger backlinks, improve your organic rankings on search engines, and get more free traffic!

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