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If you are not exposing your focused group of people to what you have to say or sell repeatedly then you are not making the contact that you need. Learn that the money is in the follow up.

You Can Make Money Doing Nothing-NOT Yes, yes I know you have this burning desire to make money and yet you don’t want to do anything to get it. I suppose you can marry a sugar daddy/mommy, or win the lottery, maybe you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth. But the odds [...]

To make money online you need more than a dream I just wrote up an article starting at the very beginning of what a new person online should do when they come online with their dreams of how they are going to make money online. I made sure to point out that online is visual [...]

4 Valuable Steps to Make Money Fast on the Internet You want to make money fast on the internet. Follow these four steps and your dream can come true. Making money is not sitting back and doing nothing, you have to work these four steps, but the best thing about them is you can reuse [...]

Make money at home online I woke up this day with a bad attitude and started to think about making money online. Why was it so important to me to be able to make money online? Everyone will have a different reason for wanting to make money online and stay home. Here are some of [...]