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split your posts

Sometimes we as authors simply write our posts too long in length and they need to either be made into more posts or have different pages. WordPress has a built in tool for using a shortcut code to break your long message up.

How To Use Aweber – Bulk Email Marketing Software – I have used many programs in the past and many failed to do what I needed to do effectively. With Aweber you have not only full control but easy access to all management tabs with very advanced options. I highly recommend using Aweber and recommend if you have not yet tried it out [...]

What Do You Test In Your Email Marketing? Chris Garrett discusses what he tests in his email marketing campaigns. Chris also talks about the value of tracking long-term metrics, not just short-term ones. Recorded at SXSW 2010 in Austin, TX.

What gets you to open an email? I woke up this morning and of course first thing I did was to look at my email.. Well..I have to say this. I am just getting so tired of the “catch me phrases” that litter the subject line. So I thought what gets me to open an [...]

Website design When you are doing business online, the people that you want to come to your site, cannot physically see walls and shelves and products. So instead what they do see is the website design of your business. You website then becomes the hub of your business life online. And as it is true [...]

Things to NOT do to get traffic to your sites If you have a website one of the toughest things to do is to get traffic to them. There are plenty of articles out there telling you all the things that you need to do if you want more traffic. I thought it would be [...]

Foundational Strategy to Search Engine Optimization The hottest trend right now for making money online is Search Engine Optimization (SEO.) This one foundational strategy alone can determine whether you will make money online or not. Of course doing SEO does not mean you set up one thing and you are done, oh no, you must [...]

Email Formatting Gives You a Professional Look Lately I have been receiving a lot of emails that are not very easy to read. Is it because of the content? No, it is because of the email formatting. I had wondered if it was a problem in my own email formatting setup, but then I realized [...]

Choosing a Niche That Fits Here we are again, so let’s continue. You should have your list of at least ten things. One thing on my list is fishing; of course that is a far too big and competitive term. If you typed it on Google and searched the term fishing, you would come up [...]

Choosing a domain for your website The next aspect of having a business online is choosing a domain and getting a website. I know that this might seem daunting if you re new, but really it is not that scary. Your Website gives what you are selling credence and lets people know that you are [...]

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