online business skillsThere are many skills you will need when you decide to start an internet or online business. Many of the skills are ones that you would need for a regular brick and mortar business.

However with online you have the extra needed education of working a computer and understanding the whole environment of online. You can make money online; you simply need to understand the foundations of good business skills.

When you first begin a business online with the goal of making money then you need to understand that that the level of your knowledge does not have to be perfect. You do not need to know it all that first day you start off. So if you feel overwhelmed, take a step back, breathe and then move forward.

All the skills you will possess will grow over time. It will get easier and better with every passing day. You will always be learning as the internet is always changing. But if you have a grasp of the basics then you will certainly be set.

There are probably 100 skills you could come up with that you need to be aware of and master. The list of skills below is the essentials skills you should know to succeed in your chosen online business.

One more thing before we begin. The internet business skills you need to know, you may not have time to learn and perfect and there is always the possibility that you can hire it down for you. There are many places you can contact to outsource or give to someone that knows how to do it, something that you do not know how to do.

Reading Skills
You need to be able to read and comprehend what you read. If English is not your first language or you have something you want to market to a foreign country then you need to make sure you have a translating program.

Since you will be doing a lot of reading and seriously online you can read for days on what subject. You must learn to only choose the things to read that are important to what you are trying to do. Reading is a skill and you should learn it well.

Computer skills
This is a biggie and one you need to master quickly, well at least the basics. You should know how to create emails and use them. You should know how to search online for anything, and how to use different search engines and how to make the searching easy for you.

Writing Skills
We all have heard that the WWW or online is an information highway and with the knowledge you must be able to communicate in writing. Websites need content and content comes from you or someone else writing. I personally believe we should all start out doing our own writing as that is how we can show other people who we are. Many products are created with writing such as; websites, articles for marketing, emails, autoresponders and more.

Most of us have been out of school for awhile, but it is very important to refresh the simple things like grammar and spelling. No one likes to read a report where every other word is spelled wrong. It just looks unprofessional. Once you have learned to write articles and are making money then you can outsource and have professional writers write for you.

Web Creation and Design
This is huge. This is vital and again you should learn to do it yourself because then you can. Not only that, but you can make it just the way you want it to be. There are a lot of places online that you can go to get a website created for you, but believe me when I say the sense of accomplishment is incredible. HTML is important to learn because it will help you to adjust things on your website that you want to and you won’t have to pay for it.

There are lots of free templates out there and for me the best platform is WordPress. But with web creation comes not only putting the website up technically but you need to learn, plugins to use (these help people navigate and do things.) When you see a webpage with a large left column and a smaller right column (called the sidebar) you can use that to put interactive things or links and ads by using plugins.

Website creation is choosing design, layout, plugins, ads and colors. There are colors that you should not use and some you should.

Graphic Design
This is something you really do not need to learn right up front, but in time you will want to probably learn the basics. For me that is using Paint Shop Pro to design and create my own headers. Every website I own and there are over 100 I created my own design. You can also just use the template you have to start with and simply add the title of your website.

If you might enjoy graphic design there is a huge market online that needs someone to create simple headers and footers for their websites, so this could be a money maker for you. You could start your own design company

Computer Skills

This is a biggie and one you need to master quickly, well at least the basics. You should know how to create emails and use them. You should know how to search online for anything and how to use different search engines. You need to learn to make searching easy for you.

Online Marketing Skills
This is vital. Without these skills you will not bring people to your website and you will never make money. You could have the best product and site in the world but if no one knows about it, it will have little value.

There are many ways to get people to know about your site and to come for a visit, some of the ways are: write articles and put them onto an article network site; join forums about your site and put your website address in your signature.

Search engine optimization is a bunch of rules to follow to make your site loved by Google and thus you will get visitors through Google search; there are news releases; Social Marketing sites like Facebook and MySpace; sites like Delicious and Digg.

Link Building Skills
Link building is vital to the success of your website. There are inbound and outbound links; external and internal links.

Managing and Disciplining Yourself
You have no boss online but you, so a profitable skill is to learn to manage yourself. You must learn to prioritize and focus. You need to make conscious decisions and planning that will allow you to get the necessary things done. You must have or learn organizational skills quickly or you will find the amount of time you have online goes up in smoke while you get distracted with things that are unnecessary to moving your business forward.

Networking Skills
You sit alone behind a computer and everything you do is up to you. Networking takes you into the virtual world of others doing the same thing. Sometimes a problem seems so big and you freeze. If you slowly build a network of people online, then you can quickly and efficiently move forward. No man is an island and no man online should be alone.

Math Skills
You do not have to know how to do calculus and statistics. However, you should have basic skills that help you to understand what your website is doing, as conversion rates and other rates of things happening on your website impacts your money making ability. You must learn to analyze the numbers needed to push your site to improve.

Relaxation Methods and Skills
Stress can and will kill you. Not only that it leads to all kinds of problems like; inability to make decisions, slow thinking, lack of motivation, spinning wheels and lack of the ability to be social.

Just because you go hell bent into the wind and succeed does not make you successful, especially if you cannot enjoy what you have made or worse, leave your family to grow without you.

It is important that you learn the skills needed to relax and focus on other things besides business. You can be focused and productive without falling apart with stress.

As you can see, it might seem a monumental task to learn all of these things, but if you take it one step at a time and stay focused, not allowing yourself to get into that utter overwhelmingness that can hit you, you will be fine. On this website there are many teachings and articles on all the above and many more will be added all the time.