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Article Writing and Marketing are very important aspects to making money online. It is obvious as to why article writing would be as the internet is simply someone’s words put down for someone else to read.

Now for the importance of article marketing, it is only by writing something and getting it out to a lot of places on the internet through marketing skills that you will ever get someone to come to your site.

The ultimate goal then is to write and invite through your articles people to come and see what you have to say.  Anyone can put up a website but very few actually learn the skills needed to get people to come and see what they have to say.

If you decide to market yourself with articles then they will help you in the nine following ways:

  1. People will be able to find you
  2. You will brand yourself as an expert in the field that you have chosen
  3. Putting articles out there bring free advertising
  4. Your articles have a voice and if they speak to one person then you have accomplished something
  5. Helps you promote any affiliate products you are selling
  6. Increases traffic
  7. Increases Profits
  8. Because people will link back to you, your Google page rank will increase
  9. You can target the people you want to

Writing an article is a skill with lots of steps to doing it correctly. That does not mean you have to be perfect in grammar or sentence structure. But there are things you can learn that will help you put out an article in short time.

Have to interject here that my best friend online is the spelling checker and I still misspell words wrong.

There are different types and styles of writing; personal story, reviewing something, teaching something intellectually, Reporting a story and many more. Let us discuss the simplest and the most fun for me to write, the personal story.

Personal Story has a total of six parts to it

  1. Your name- Author
  2. Choose a story- The Introduction
  3. Tell the story- Body
  4. Explain the “thought” you are trying to impart- Body
  5. Wrap it all up- Conclusion
  6. Place Resource box if sending to an article directory

I have over the years probably written over a thousand articles and when I sat down to write this I was thinking of what would I have wanted to know if I started all over and did not have to go through the horrendous learning curve that I did.  This is what I thought might help you.

Say what you have to say and say it quick and clean. Do not bounce around it, tease up to it forever or forbid that you ever forget to give away the promise of the article.

Now with that said here are a few more tips:

  • I said to keep it short, but how short is short? Most of your big article directories want 400 or more words. E zine article wants 600 now for subjects that have a lot written on them. They want you to keep them under 800 words. If you have a real meaty subject to write about you can write up to 1000 words or you can also break it into two articles. Most rambling articles will not get read till the end.
  • Pace your article and take it along a natural path from start to finish. Make it easy for the reader to follow along with you and to feel engaged. No sudden stops with ill formed conclusions.
  • Make sure you have a complete and obvious “Call to Action.” Your reader needs to know exactly what it is you want them to do. No guessing, no hunting just doing. You can do this in such a way that your reader is not feeling like he is being pushed, shoved or sold to. For instance; “Visit to learn great article marketing skills that will change your business for the better.”
  • Use short paragraphs with lots of white space. Use bullet points, sub headlines and italics. Bold print allows the readers eyes to follow down the page and to re-find their point of reference if they look away.
  • Write to your readers like they are sitting across the table from you. Do not try to “out” language them with big words to show you are smarter. Try not to use the letter “I” too much. The reader wants it to be about them. So instead of saying, “I felt like I was drowning in a sea of too much information,” say “Have you ever felt like you were drowning in a sea of too much information?”

I guess the easiest question you can ask yourself when writing is this: What would you like to read if you were in your readers place?  Then give it.

So now you have the basic idea of how to write an article and how important it is to do so if you want people to read what you have to say.  Marketing is simply taking that well written article of yours and putting or submitting it to an article directory. People go to the article directories to read up on something that they are learning, studying or are curious about. It is a great place to get some free advertising.

The Bio or Resource box is the most important part of the whole article and it is placed on the very end of the article. It is where you can put a call to action that will drive the reader to your website. We will be studying up in detail on the resource box in future articles.

When you submit your article to a site such as Ezine articles or Go Articles or most other article submission sites they will all basically ask the same things of you, so it is wise and time saving if you know what they will want so that you can have it ready.

To submit an article to an Article Directory

  • You need to register
  • Submit your article
  • Pick an author; you can use pen names if you do not want to use your own
  • Pick a co author if someone helped you co write the article
  • Pick a category
  • Pick a subcategory
  • Choose or Write an Article Title
  • Article summary/teaser
  • Article Body
  • Keywords
  • Resource Box/Author Signature

Any article submission site that accepts articles will have rules. Probably the best advice I can give to you, to keep you from making unknown mistakes that keep your article from getting approved is, read the rules.  Pretty simple huh?

The following short list is some of the more common mistakes you can make that will get your article unaccepted or unapproved. It really is frustrating as everything takes time.  It takes time to get approved, and then time to resubmit if necessary and all that time means less people reading and less traffic coming to your website.

Mistakes you can not afford to make:

  • Using PLR or duplicate content
  • Plagiarizing
  • Posting everything in the summary box and nothing in the article box – The summary is for a short teaser
  • Posting URL’s in the body of the article or summary
  • Posting too man links in the resource box
  • Massive grammatical and spelling errors

As you can see article writing simply takes time, a little skill, a story to tell, some confidence and you will be on your way to getting readers.  Then you will have those readers coming to your website and hopefully they will be reading what is there. Whatever your story is, tell it the best you can it will touch someone is some way and that is what internet marketing is all about.